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custom e-poems - examples
To Julie: My Niece, Goddaughter and Special Angel on her Graduation


“For my goddaughter - Julie. She is 16 yrs old and is graduating this year.  I love her greatly and since the day she was born she has taken a special place in our lives.  I only have one son and she is like the daughter I wish I had and she is truly one of a kind.  She is extremely sweet and very affectionate.  She has always been big hearted and we never hear her bad mouthing people. She is a great friend but has been very hurt by some of them. She is very sensitive and thinks she's nothing special. Another part of her, she's very athletic, has been dancing for years now and is an extremely good dancer.  I love to see her dance.  Unfortunately she lacks a bit of self-confidence. Anyway I am extremely proud of her and can't believe she's already graduating.  Time has gone by so fast and we wish her the best in life.  She's truly a good person and I think she'll have a great future.  Hopefully I have not given you too much info - I could write so much about her. I am so looking forward to reading what you'll create for her.”


 From the moment she existed
The heavens spoke her name
I knew even if I resisted
I’d be spellbound just the same

A star was in my presence
With a rhythm all her own 
Storing a graceful essence
That someday would be known

So sensitive and pure of heart
Her affection has no end
Always first to make a start
With a down trodden friend

She dances through your very soul
Her beauty shining through
Best foot forward, in control
Motioning to you

With caring arms, she’s on the scene
A wisdom beyond her days
Performing gently like a dream
Magnetic in her ways

Her eyes smile with a purity
A talent truly rare
Exposing such maturity
Where others never dare

If hurt should show up at her door
At times too hard to greet
Her patience spins across the floor
Refusing to lose her beat 

With elegance, she moves in time
Her steps she’s free to choose
Filling arenas in her mind
A momentum she can’t lose

Julie, now the world’s your stage
Stride proudly and be glad
But I’ll always see that tender age
Of the daughter I never had

                             Love, Aunt Beth


“It is very beautiful and very accurate. I think this will be a special gift to her instead of getting her a regular greeting card. It is perfect, absolutely perfect and I love it.  My neighbor at work just saw it - she's a photographer on weekends and she took note of your website.  She says she does lots of weddings and they often need special things written or have been asked quite often. Thanks again.”

custom e-poems - examples
To David: On Your Graduation


“My son is about to begin high school. His Grade 6 graduating committee is putting together a commemorative booklet, which is to include congratulatory messages from all the parents. I thought it would be different to submit a poem. Would you be able to write something for my son to tell him how proud I am of him? He has made it into the hublot replica international program (called IBO) and he seems hesitant, but I would like to encourage him because I know he can do it! (It should be around 50-60 words for the booklet). Thanks!"


Son, it feels just like yesterday  
That you started school to learn and play
You've come so far along the years
My pride for you shows through my tears
Now off to high school, you'll continue to grow
I know you'll excel in the IBO  
You've become such a confident young man
Anything you want to do, I know you can

                                                         Love, Dad