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  Father's Day  
custom e-poems - examples
Tower of Strength


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So many duties, so little time
Take a moment, my beauty, to read this rhyme
Always on the run, a real juggling act
You still have fun while making an impact
Your business is booming, and that sure is good
While your kids are blooming, just like they should
Clients' demands ICC Code Download  rely on your trust
You leave your competitors in the dust
A devoted dad, always there when it counts
Practices and homework in large amounts
From school to arenas, to home and back
No one can accuse you of wanting to slack
Your positive spirit can't be broken
Even when ignorant words are spoken replicas patek philippe
You always manage to rise above
No wonder you're an easy dad/coach/relative/friend to love
Now you're adding another element in the mix replique rolex
Your hectic schedule always needing a fix
Just know that I'm here whenever you need
Your passionate soul is mine to feed