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  Valentine's Day  
custom e-poems - examples
To Angela: My Tiger


“My fiancée is an amazing person. She always puts others first. We have a little inside joke: If she was a superhero, she would be late and have forgotten her costume! She makes a list of things to buy at the grocery store and still forgets to buy a thing or two. It is just a riot. She is easygoing, simple and filled with joy, a very good positive spirit. She has this little grin that is so beautiful, the light in her eyes says that she is happy and passionate. On Fridays, we chit chat about the week's events and just relax while sipping on a glass of wine or two. We love keeping our daily routine fun and are not afraid of making fun of our own habits. Our life is filled with improvisation.

We met through work and have been together just over three years. When we first started going out, we lived at opposite ends of town. I remember, one night she called me at 9:00pm and asked me to go to her place and spend the night. I didn't feel like it but I got dressed and I went just to make her smile. We have 2 girls, a preteen and a nine year old. They are truly amazing and fun to be with. They each have a nickname based on their Mother's nickname that I gave her. ''Tiger'' is for the mom the girls are Little Tiger and Mini Tiger.
We are lovers, friends and most importantly we complete each other so well! I am a perfectionist, a detailed-oriented and very analytical person. I am a huge fan of NASCAR racing and was a stockcar racer for many years. We drink our coffee together every single morning unless I am traveling.



Do you remember that time in the middle of the night
When you asked me to come to your place?
My heart was racing like a stock car in flight
But it was worth it just to see the smile on your face

Your amazing eyes can light up the air
Your positive spirit shines through
Forgetful, but you never forget those in your care
Just ask Little Tiger and Mini Tiger, too!

I’m so analytical and you’re so easy-going

I’m your mirror-image and you’re mine
In our daily routine, we keep spontaneity flowing
Laughing at ourselves over coffee and wine

My beautiful lover, the love of my life
We complete each other happily
I finally found you, my sweet future wife
I’m a perfectionist, and you’re perfect for me

                                                             Love, Billy


“Thank you for this wonderful poem that you have written as a tribute to my fiancée. Bravo! The poem was a hit. She was touched and that is what matters to me. Best of success on your business…I even recommended it to a friend of mine in Toronto.”

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custom e-poems - examples
Happy Valentine's Day, Bobby


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We met on a dating website a year ago. I live in Montreal and he lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We talked for 1 1/2 month on MSN before we met because he works as a critical care flight paramedic in the Arctic and had to work for that period of time. He drove from Halifax to Montreal for 13 hours to meet me in a hotel. We have never seen each other "live" before. He arrived at the hotel before I did and went to bed pretending to sleep when I walked in the room. He was looking at me through a hole in the blanket to see if I was pretty enough. It clicked and we made love within the first 5 minutes. Bobby has bright blue eyes and an amazing smile. He sweeps my off my feet every time he smiles at me. He is witty, funny, easy going, very slow at doing stuff and loves mashed potatoes. He proposed to me last New Year and I was so nervous that I did not even wait for him to pop the kopior klockor question and put the ring in my finger right away. When he actually asks me to sit so he can ask me to marry him, I sat in a plate of  strawberries. Bobby loves food. He sent me my real wedding ring by FedEx. He works in the Arctic a month on two. So most of the time he is away. We kind of live a long distance replicas relojes relationship half of the time. Bobby is Polish and is buying a condo here in Montreal this spring. So he will officially move here with me. We are getting married in August 2011.

I want to tell him how much IReplika Klokker Norge love him and how much I miss him when he is away. I want him to know that he is my world and that I cannot wait to marry him. He is my true love and soulmate. He is everything I wished for  and could not ask for anything more.

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We met online a year ago and didn’t know it then
But soon our lives would change forever thanks to MSN
While you were in the Arctic working to make people well
We planned our little escapade to meet in a hotel
You drove down here from Halifax and beat me to the room
And pretended to be sleeping when you smelled my sweet perfume
Then you peeked through the blanket: Was I who you were dreaming of?
I guess so since within five minutes we were making love!

Bobby, I love your bright blue eyes as well as your amazing smile
You sweep me off my feet with your charming look and style

You are funny, easy going and I adore your laid-back spirit
You love all kinds of food but mashed potatoes are your favorite!

New Year’s was a special night and everything was so exciting
How could you put a ring on me relojes imitacion with the fingernails I kept biting?
It’s not everyday that a guy asks the girl he wants to marry
And then she sits down and gets her bottom as red as a strawberry

While you are away at work, it feels like an eternity
Every other month with you feels like shared custody!
I can’t wait for you to get your condo and move to Montreal
Then we’ll spend all our time together and we’ll really have a ball

Bobby, you are my world now and I love you, mon amour
You are everything I wished for and could not ask for anything more
I am anxious for the day when the sweetest sound we’ll hear
Is the chime of wedding bells ringing out in August of next year


I ordered a poem from your company 2-3 days ago and received it this morning. It is
totally wicked. The person who worked on it did a very very good job. Not only is your product original and fresh, but the results are simply awesome. Thanks again.