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custom e-poems - examples
Happy Thanksgiving!


I would like a custom poem written for my friends on Facebook on Thanksgiving day... friends I met at school and at work, of various ethnicities... and how I enjoy talking to them, care for them and love them.. people who I hadn't met since school and Facebook made it possible to cross lives again. I'd like an elegant custom poem, that is rich, simple and humorous. I am thankful for the friendship and I have lots of friends in distant countries, so.... Just a generic poem would do.


To my wonderful friends on this Thanksgiving Day
Allow me a few words on this posting to say
I'm thankful for having you to adore
I'm thankful for memories you helped to create
No matter how far, no matter the distance
I'm eternally grateful for your existence

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Whether family or friends, from work or from school
I'm thankful for Facebook as a communication tool
Regardless where each of you may be living
I want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving
Just remember one simple rule if you want to stay perky
Avoid falling asleep - don't eat too much turkey!


custom e-poems - examples
Thank You Ron & Shirley


Our bosses Ron & Shirley (owners of the business) are very good to us and we want to let them know we appreciate them. We are like a large family working here at Avalon Pharmacy. We love each other and argue with each other, almost as if we were one large family. He loves to play Bridge. They both like hockey and are season ticket holders to the Penquins. There are several departments at the pharmacy- retail pharmacy, retail store, billing, compounding, bubbling, pain, and the drivers. We want them to know we are very happy they chose us to be part of this family. We want to have a poem made letting our bosses know how much they are appreciated.  Can it be left "unsigned" so we could have every employee (approx. 30) sign individually.  We want to say THANK YOU (serious).

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We know in any business, employees sometimes disagree
But it's OK as long as they can do it respectfully
We also know in families, there is often lunacy
And we love the fact that it’s no different at our pharmacy

We feel like a big family and we’re glad to be so close
We never go too far, dispensing just the perfect dose
If we are in need of treatment, we know where to find a cure
We just go to our bosses, who will heal the wound for sure

You offer the right medicine, like your own holistic drug
By having you in charge, every smile feels like a hug
So play Bridge, watch your Penguins game, just give yourselves a break
You both know you deserve it for all the sacrifices you make

This comes from all departments, from the drivers to retail
We’d like to end this message with one last heartfelt detail
It’s just a simple fact, thanks to you, Shirley and Ron
That every one of us adores working at Avalon


Everyone liked the poem. It came out better than I thought it would. 

My boss said that in the 30 years he has been in business it was one of - if not the best - gift he ever got.  We always run outof ideas because they can buy whatever they want, and they are by no means extravagant people. 

This really hit the mark. Thanks so much.