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To Lisa, On Your Sweet 16


My niece is turning 16! I can't believe it - she's grown so fast. I was the Godmother at her baptism and I still see her as that cute little girl. She's been through many phases but has always remained sweet. Although she's a normal teenager, changing favorite bands often and trying to stay cool and current, she would still admit to liking certain childhood things (see list provided). She was even a little "goth" at one point, but that passed, too. Important things in her life: Her family, her close friends, her boyfriend of 2 years and music (she likes to play guitar). Also, she will be starting hairdressing school at the end of this year and had a summer job in a hair salon. I would love to present her with a clever poem that incorporates all of these elements so that she can read it at her party and have a good laugh.



As a playful little girl, you never seemed to stop
Dancing with your Blankie and little Baby Bop
I can still see that child in you once in a while
I’m so glad you haven’t outgrown that goofy smile
I remember when the Spice Girls were your fave
Admitting you like them now would be pretty brave
You improved your taste slightly over the years
And later became a big fan of Britney spears
Then came your dark phase and all things Emo
(Although you secretly still enjoyed Finding Nemo)
You discovered Good Charlotte and couldn’t get enough
Trying to understand you then was a little tough
Deep down you were sweet, though you acted like a grouch
I was happy knowing you still liked the Big Comfy Couch
The bands changed again, and you now liked Simple Plan
But nothing was as important when you found your special man
You’ve grown so much and now you’re really sure of who you are
 Your hands are full with family, friends, scissors and a guitar
Our sweet little princess has become a beauty queen
Please don’t grow up too fast and enjoy your Sweet 16


The poem was a hit!! I printed it in color and framed it. She read  it out loud to the crowd and was met with giggles and laughs in the funny parts and "awwws" in the touching parts. It even brought tears to her dad's eye (my older brother). I got great comments throughout the party from her friends, her family, her boyfriend patek philippe replica italia and of course the birthday girl. I believe she is going to hang it in her newly decorated bedroom. What a great keepsake for her Sweet 16! I could not have gotten her a better, more personal gift. Thank you again!! It was worth every penny - I could never rhyme like that.


custom e-poems - examples
Happy Sweet 16, Sammy!


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Happy Sweet 16, Sam!

When your sister was 5 months old, I guess she was already lonely
She may have liked being first but not being the one and only
Not expecting to be expecting was already a big surprise
But I never thought I'd have a baby with blond hair and blue eyes!

As a toddler, you were whiny and you would often cry and pout
Except when your mouth was just too stuffed with food to shout
During swimming lessons, you screeched like you were set to kill
You acted awfully stubborn, but perhaps it was just strong-will

You outgrew that baby act, and now you are head-strong
Principled but not preachy, you've chosen friends who are life-long
You've made smart choices and were always good in that department
You’re so independent and reliable, you could get your own apartment!

You've made being organized an art form, yes a little OCD
If you took a grain of salt to school, you'd bring it back to me
You love to cook and you've done so since you were 7 or 8
Preparing dinner as I drove home, this I really appreciate

As you started to develop, many other interests grew
Your love of music became especially important to you
When you picked up the recorder, I'm glad I wouldn't let you quit
Because it led to learning the sax, and you've since mastered it

Your love for reading shows in everything you ever write
You want to be an editor and that dream will come to light
You're also good in all other subjects, and this is a compliment
It's not everyone in high school who averages 90 percent

Photography is another passion that has come into your life
You have the eye and the precision like a surgeon with a knife
It is a rare combination to have your smarts and your looks
But what makes you truly special you cannot learn in books

Now you are 16, you have romance, soon you'll drive
You've even joined the work force where I know you're sure to thrive
Sammy, you are ready and the world is yours to claim
Capture every moment, day by day and frame by frame

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