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In Memory of Shane


Shane was Ken and Marge's dog (Collie).  They got him when he was just a tiny pup, I think he was 12 when he passed.  They never had children he was like theirs. They took him everywhere they could, even bought a wagon in his last days to wheel him around the neighborhood after his back hips would no longer hold him.  When he was put down they even had someone come to the house to do it, then take him and bring the ashes back.
We just want to sympathize/comfort/let them know he is in a better place. They are very sad.


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In Memory of Shane

Though your sorrow longs for healing
And it seems so hard today
If Shane could share his feelings,
Here’s what he would say:

“Thank you both, dear Marge and Ken
For raising me as your own
If I could do it all again
I wouldn’t find a better home

You cared for me since I was a pup
A true family we became
As my body aged, you lifted me up
And spared me from any shame

Kopi Klokker rolex imitacion

Then came time to let me go
And you did it with dignity
Now as you look around you know
There’s still a glimpse of me”

Love you forever, Shane


They loved the poem, it made them cry.  They hung it in their entryway.  Thank you so much. I wanted to do something nice for them since they were so close to him.

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